In 1992 He gave life to the first musical
workshop for nuptial events .
His workshop has been more than a
physical space for research and
experimenting, for designing and
exchanging ideas. It has also embodied
his emotional and creative approach ;
which over time has become Alex Forte’s
way : his vision and his philosophical outlook.
Alex Forte has always been sharing his
vision with the brides and grooms he
meets, thanks to an artist’s inspiration and
imagination, a technician’s painstaking
and precise approach thanks to, the eye
of a craftsman meeting the stylist’s view .

Who is Alex Forte today?

He designs artistic concepts, he shapes images…
He takes bride and groom by the hand, he
enters their world in a sensitive fashion, he
is both stylish and creative in outlining an
artistic project, by designing both contents
and scenery.

Alex Forte makes his artistic ideas come true by

– studying musical paths for both
wedding and reception

– designing scenery lighting projects

– using alternative state-of-the-art sound
diffusion technology

The right musical mood , the right sound
quality and background lighting are the
unique highlights in directing the event
according to the wishes of bride and
groom, or to the steps chosen by a
wedding planner ; as well as emphasizing
the creative haute cuisine skills of the
chefs : and create the scenery for an
environment where the flower designers
may express their personal style. Creative
contributions from all sides give life to a
unique event; during which interaction
between art and the senses takes place .

Each of our actions reflects our thoughts,

and our feelings, it comprises our

know-how, our artistic skills . Our hearts

and our world view as artists come to life

thanks to our hands .

This is why Alex Forte introduces himself

to you using his hands as a symbol .

Hands hinting at welcoming, listening

skills, communication, sharing emotions…

Hands to reveal the artistic project around

each event which is being designed ;

events during which one may improvise in

a creative fashion .

Hands to highlight the craftsmanship in

Alex’s trade, accuracy in all his gestures,

time and research he invests in each event.

A unique event, research, precision, a love

of beautiful things, passion or simply,

“commitment”are the key components in

Alex Forte’s philosophical outlook, which

he has had the pleasure of sharing with

bride and groom throughout

each new event.




Meeting bride and groom in his studio is a

unique experience each time.

Listening to each other helps Alex Forte

achieve an intellectual and emotional

impression, a snapshot : to pinpoint the

elements on which to base the artistic idea.

.i.e. the life story of bride and groom, their

expectations, choosing church and

location, the dress the bride will wear.

Everything expresses style and taste,

feelings and values and music, and stage

lighting will blend into each element on the

day of the wedding.




Visiting church and location is actually the

second important step.

The artist’s eye will help bride and groom

visualize the location as “the stage”, which

shall welcome both the steps of the

wedding and the nuptial ceremony on the

day of the event, as well as providing a

setting for smiles and strong emotions.

Together with our sound technicians, we

will consider amplitudes and distances to

be sonorized.

Looking at spaces – a dockyard on the

lake’s shores, a centuries old park, a

roomy terrace, a minimal space, or a

particularly suggestive niche- we will find

the suitable natural location for a harp, or

a piano, a jazz quartet, a band or a DJ .

Wireless technology solutions will enable

harmonious and balanced sound diffusion

on the day of the event : in the external

areas and the rooms of the location . One

will not be able to notice either sound

diffusors, or cables strewn all over the place.

During the survey we will also understand

how to focus on the sober outlines of a

historical building, as well as emphasizing

an architectural detail by using

light design.




The artistic project born during Alex’s

meeting with bride and groom, will blend

into the intensity and freshness of musical

language, and the magical lighting. As

well as with the stylish look of the artists,

and with painstaking accuracy and the

know-how of the technicians .

The outcome will be a moving scenery full

of light and music, an amazing example of

aesthetic purity, where only what heart

and sight really need will remain.




The artistic idea will gradually take shape,

and will give rise to a project that, also

thanks to graphics, will allow bride and

groom to visualize spaces and staging , as

well as virtually experiencing each step of the

wedding and the reception, with the right


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