In 1992 he created his first art
for events.
It was more than a physical space for
musical research and experiments, it was
more than a suitable environment for
exchanging ideas and designing: his
creative workshop has been expressing
feelings, as well as Alex’s way : his
vision and his philosophical outlook.

Who is Alex Forte today?

He creates artistic concepts for events,
he is a designer seeking something special
every single time, he is a craftsman looking
at each detail while he masterfully gives life
to his idea, he is an artistic director…
His ideas come true by weaving together
different kinds of musical expression, by
working on architectural lighting…as well
as state-of- the art sound diffusion, audio
and video systems, background scenery,
3D videos, choice of furnishings and
flower design, by playing films and videos,
by projecting 3D images and photographs.
Alex Forte shares his artistic projects with
agencies dealing with all aspects of
communication, PR specialists, architects,
flower designers, photographers… Artistic
input and support from the team turns
each of his projects into something
unique team .


Launching a new product, a new brand

linked to a company, a convention, the

opening celebrations for a specific setting,

a fashion show, a formal dinner and

reception on the catwalk, an anniversary, a

birthday party are completely different

situations, which, nonetheless all have a

story, a goal, and something they would

like to communicate about ; something we

will help come to life through our event.





A private party, a convention, an opening

celebration, or a meeting ; all these events

have something to say about yourself and let

you tell people about yourself . For Alex Forte

taking care of your event primarily means

meeting you, to get to know you, to understand

the experience you want to share with your

guests, to get your aim, the message you

want to give.





The second important step is visiting

the location where the event is to take

place. The artistic director’s eye already

sees this place by giving a first look as : a stage,

a background for a movie where a story comes to life

in an environment full of light, sounds, furnishings,

images, people, relationships, and feelings.






This is how Alex forte designs a

context for the event . He defines

a scenery, a story to tell, the artistic

choices and the technical details to stage

the event, as well as sound systems, wireless

technological solutions to provide harmony

for balanced sound diffusion : to guarantee

quality in both technical aspects and artistic

facets of the event, light design being applied

for stage lighting, as well as for underlining

architectural details, musical moods to match

single moments of the event, as well as expressing

its story, time for shows and entertainment,

relevant videos being played, multimedia staging

solutions, shapes, colours, materials for

furnishings, green design for flowers.





Research, accuracy, a taste for

beautiful things, passion, or

simply “doing our very best

are the keys to read the story on the

day of the event : the event shall bring

to life : the initial idea, a quest, the project

shared with the client . The result shall be

a graceful and unique flow of feelings,

impressions, ideas,

relationships .

lido palace

Spot Xmas & New Year’s Eve


Reportage Xmas & New Year’s eve


Festa Aziendale Banco Desio


Evento aziendale Castadiva Resort
Lago di Como (Italy)

Evento Space

Evento Space Party Pirellone (Milano)



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