Frequently Asked Question

Is Alex Forte a wedding planner?
No, Alex Forte is a creative person, who develops artistic concepts through musical paths, sound diffusion projects, light environment, and scenography.

Who requests Alex Forte’s services?
Brides and grooms hailing from Italy and other countries, wedding planners, wedding concierges, or flower designers and chefs, who decide to speak with Alex Forte’s couples to be wed .
Sometimes mothers and friends of brides and grooms also strike up a working relationship with him.

Is the meeting with Alex forte a must, or is an email consultancy enough?
For Akex Forte meeting the future married couples is crucial.
Getting to know, and listening to each other, allows us to pinpoint the key elements, to design the artistic project, for both the nuptial ceremony and the wedding reception.

How much does the consultancy service cost?
Both the first meeting in Alex Forte’s studio, and designing an artistic project are entirely free of charge, and do not entail any commitment for bride and groom.

Is it always necessary to visit church and location ?
Yes, indeed .This is really a key momrent, during which the artistic project, that has been , barely outlined in our studio, together with bride and groom, is actually plunged into a real environment, to test its feasibility.
We go through the spaces to be sonorized, we pinpoint some natural and architectural details, to be emphasized through stage lighting, we choose the areas where the single steps of the wedding ceremony are to take place, while they are underlined by the right musical mood .
New details and ideas come to light during this survey of the premises.

May we just request one service, for instance music for the wedding ceremony?
Of course, even if Alex Forte does like designing, together with bride and groom, an artistic project, with an artistic thread throughout all steps of the event.

What kind of music do you offer for the wedding ceremony?
Each couple has its own Story to tell, and music expresses its soul.
I actually agree with you all the way, if you happen to think that choosing the musical repertoire and the instrumental ensemble, or combining key elements, actually counts for more than standard bullet points in a list, since such crucial choices do indeed express that deep underlying rhytm, linking each couple to be wed with its own Story. Therefore each meeting is part of this whole quest for the rhythm, with an artistic project tailor-made for each bride and groom, and their wedding event.

This means you don’t have standard suggestions for the wedding reception either?
That’s right, selecting some one-size-fits.all suggestions (Such as an aperitif jazz ensemble, someone playing the piano during dinner, or a DJ during the ball), limits your choices, and hardly matches the experiences we have been sharing up to now.
We must see the wedding as a film set, where a new movie is being played each time .You can’t offer the same soundtrack, the same lighting, and the same artistic direction for each movie . You agree, don’t you??

Why call it a Wedding Lab then?
Because it really is an artistic laboratory in its own right, where we weave an artistic project, starting with a creative idea, an artistic project, and using our sartorial skills and our design skills as artists, to offer you a wedding tailored to suit your needs .

Why should you request Alex Forte’s services?
Because we are looking for an intimate artistic concept, something based on real persons..
Persons who think that the quest for rhythm, style, taste, and, most of all living from th heart, feeling endless passion ; as well as wishing to feel emotions, and let other people feel emotions ; are right at the top of their very own list for the event .